Ellie the Jelly Belly




"You lie and kill in the service of liars and killers," Loki tells Natasha, and he turns out to be totally right about that.

Because SHIELD is Hydra. Well played, Loki. Well played.


do you sometimes wonder if marvel planned it all or just hopes it works out


it was a simpler time


What’s the point of all this, then?! I came out here to stand on my own, to be a hero, and— and— and they’re gonna let her out. And the bad guys win or at least don’t get punished and— and what’s the point? Los Angeles, the bodies, the stupid cat food

Forget it, Kate. It’s a metaphor.


I was reading Hawkeye today and remember how Natasha in CATWS was wearing the arrow necklace? Because Kate has the same one ;A;

You saved our wedding. Now go save your friend.

Go be a superhero. You’re a superhero to us.

Hawkeye 20

Of course it was for something, Ms. Bishop. Just not your thing.

"Olaf? You're...alive?"
"Olaf? You're...alive?"


Very early 2012 footage from ‘Frozen’; with Anna’s poofball hat and unbraided hair, Kristoff’s long coat and alt. hat and featuring “Evil Elsa”.


underappreciated ladies of animation ➞ requested by sansaspark